(VIDEO) How Many Push Up Variations Are There? 10, 15, 20 More…

In this video body weight training expert Daniel Vadnel shares 25 awesome push up variations.

For those like me that like to include press ups in their (extremely modest) morning routine, these variations are going to ensure the humble press up never becomes boring (never?).

So what variations are there?

  1. Triceps Extension Press Up
  2. Typewriter Push Up
  3. Forearm Push Up
  4. Partner Push Up Level 1
  5. Partner Push Up Level 2
  6. Regular
  7. Diamond
  8. Wide
  9. T Push Up
  10. Tandem Push Up
  11. Handstand Push Up
  12. Resistance Band Push Up
  13. Russian Push Up
  14. One Arm Push Up
  15. Shoulder Push Up
  16. Clapping Push Up
  17. Archer Push Up
  18. Pseudo Planche Push Up
  19. Spiderman Push Up
  20. Hindu Push Up
  21. Plyometric Push Up
  22. Jack Lalanne Push Up
  23. Staggered Push Up
  24. Atomic Push Up
  25. ?????

Which one did I miss?


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