[VIDEO] Beginners Kettle Bell Workout – What Makes Kettle Bells So Good?

In this video Chi Chi (Ron Gonzales) takes us through a great 10 minute full body kettle bell workout.

1- Warm up (not using kettle bell)

2- Round the body. Both directions with KB.

3- Upright rows

4- Overhead Press

5- Full Squats (hugging KB)

6- Bicep kettle bell curls, each arm.

7- Single arm kettle bell overhead press, each arm.

8- Two hand swing

9- Kettle Bell swing around body in each direction

10- Sumo squat High Pull

11- More two handed kettle bell swings

12- Around the body transitioning into a star lift

13- Triceps kettle bell curls

14- Finishing with two handed kettle bell swing.

15- Warm down (not using kettle bell)


Feeling better after that?

What’s your favorite kettle bell exercise?

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