Running To Lose Weight? Don’t It Doesn’t Work…

I think it’s a logical assumption to expect running to aid  your weight loss efforts.

But the reality is that after an initial weight loss when you start your running program, your body quickly adapts to it and instead starts storing your fat deposits…

The exact opposite of what your going for!

So does this make running useless in weight loss?

Absolutely NOT…


Interval running (HIIT): You can also try interval runs or HIIT by running for shorter, more intense bursts (sprinting), combined with longer rest periods within the same run. For example, you’d run at 85% of your max speed for a spring for 30 seconds, then walk for one minute before repeating.

When you’re starting out, take longer rest periods (a 2:1 ratio of rest to work if you’re already active, a 3:1 or 4:1 if you’re a beginner). As you get more advanced, move closer to a 1:1 ratio and if you’re feeling extra ambitious, amp it up with a reversed 1:2 rest to work ratio.

HIIT is great because it’ll take far less time than a distance run with the same cardiovascular benefits and work both anaerobic and aerobic systems. Basically, it’s great at simultaneously developing your ability to sprint and run long distances.

If your goal is weight loss, you’ll want to mix up the types of running you’re doing. Try to mix tempo and HIIT runs in with your distance runs if you’d like. You’ll find that by doing tempo and intervals, your distance times will actually improve and you’ll see the reduction in bodyweight you’ve been looking for!



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