Oats Are Healthy Right? Wrong! There Are Three Types

Oats are traditionally considered a very healthy food.

But now you can get so many delicious sounding ‘convenient’ oat products, are oats still healthy.

Unfortunately the answer is NO…

instant flavour oats


Oats are traditionally considered a very healthy food as they high in lots of vitamins and minerals, rich in a type of fiber (called beta glucan) that keeps you full, stabilizes your blood sugar while helping to lower cholesterol.  All great things right? Well, oatmeal is not oatmeal anymore…   The catch is within the type of oatmeal (there are 3).  Steel cut (least processed), rolled oats (slightly more), and instant – the latter being the most processed form.  The delightfully flavored packets like; maple & brown sugar, apple cinnamon, strawberries and cream, etc generally have less protein and fiber, while having much more sugar (up to 8 tsps!), salt, and other preservatives/additives.  If you like  your oatmeal, get the steel cut oats and add some fresh fruit on it.  Tastes great, and a FAR healthier option for you and your family.

Here”s what the good ones look like…


There’s more…

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