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Full Body Workout Using Only The Kettle Bell For Women (Video)…

Ladies looking for a fast effective exercise that’s going to burn fat and sculpt your body for summer? I think you’ll like this routine…   20 reps on each x 3 reps 1. Kettle bell swings – the squat movement 2. Kettle bell lunge – lunge movement 3. Kettle bell pull plank with alternating pull […]


The Ultimate Kettle Bell Bootcamp Video

If you have a busy life style and want a workout that’s effective and doesn’t take up to much of your time then this Kettle Bell workout might just hit the spot. So why choose this type of exercise? It’s a great way to introduce cardio into your exercise program and will help build strength […]


[VIDEO] Beginners Kettle Bell Workout – What Makes Kettle Bells So Good?

In this video Chi Chi (Ron Gonzales) takes us through a great 10 minute full body kettle bell workout. 1- Warm up (not using kettle bell) 2- Round the body. Both directions with KB. 3- Upright rows 4- Overhead Press 5- Full Squats (hugging KB) 6- Bicep kettle bell curls, each arm. 7- Single arm […]