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20 Minute Metabolic Full Body Workout

Today we have a 20 Minute Metabolic All Body Workout for you. This has beginner moves and advance moves so if you are just starting out just take it slow. You will be shown the beginner moves and advanced moves for each exercise. There is also a handy timer in the bottom left hand corner so […]


Full Body Workout Using Only The Kettle Bell For Women (Video)…

Ladies looking for a fast effective exercise that’s going to burn fat and sculpt your body for summer? I think you’ll like this routine…   20 reps on each x 3 reps 1. Kettle bell swings – the squat movement 2. Kettle bell lunge – lunge movement 3. Kettle bell pull plank with alternating pull […]


8 min Abs & Obliques Workout Help it Hurts

Here is a video from one of my favorite fitness guru’s Cassey Ho. She makes the exercises look so easy, she will get you through with her winning smile and will encourage you all the way through. This abs and obliques workout is SO MUCH FUN! Build a strong core with my 8 minute ab […]


How To Get Kids Healthier And Smarter In One Lesson? This Is So Cool…

Introducing the read and ride… Yes, by combining stationary exercise bikes with reading class kids are moving and reading at the same time. Do the kids hate it? Absolutely NOT. Are there any benefits or is it just a cute fad? Results are so far showing this is of real value… The school wanted to […]


Great 12 Minute Workout From The Bodyrock Team – But Where In The World Was This Filmed

For anyone that doesn’t know provide fantastic health related information most famously in free video training (super professional). The video below is a great example, both mail and female instructors, very professionally filmed… Seriously give this workout a try and let us know what you think. Where do you think the video was filmed? […]


(VIDEO) How Many Push Up Variations Are There? 10, 15, 20 More…

In this video body weight training expert Daniel Vadnel shares 25 awesome push up variations. For those like me that like to include press ups in their (extremely modest) morning routine, these variations are going to ensure the humble press up never becomes boring (never?). So what variations are there? Triceps Extension Press Up Typewriter […]


Yoga Video For Women Over 40… A Fast But Effective Morning Practice

Below is a nice effective standing Yoga practice aimed at women over 40. Takes about four minutes to complete and can be repeated if you’d like to practice for longer… Give it a try and tell us what you think in the comments below we love to hear feedback. Would you like more of these […]

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