5 Top Mason Jar Salads

When you are trying to lose weight the first thing you do is start eating salad. The same old thing day in day out and you then get bored and go back to eating unhealthy foods.

Why not try and make salads fun by making some mason jar salads. Not only do they look and taste good you can make them up days in advance so you just take them out of the fridge and you are ready to go.


5 mason jar salads

The 5 golden rules to a perfect and tasty Mason jar salad is all in the order.

The dressing goes in first. This is so important! This guarantees that your salad ingredients don’t get soggy.

Then go with a grain or a protein, or anything else big and chunky. This protects your more delicate ingredients from getting wet.

Then the fixings. Little things like shaved nuts, raisins, cheeses. The ingredients that you want to stay dry until just before you eat it.

And if you have any leafy greens, they go in last. That way when you turn the Mason jar over and unload it all into a bowl, the greens will make the salad bed. Genius!

Click the link below to get started 5 delicious mason jar salads.


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