3 Worst Breakfast Foods

It’s first thing in the morning and most of us will reach for
the 3 worst breakfast foods. Why do we do it because it’s convenient
and who has time to mess around making a healthy breakfast anyway?

We need to get out the door as quickly as possible we have a busy day ahead of us.

Now it should go without saying that starting your day with
foods like doughnuts, pastries, or pancakes is a fat storing

But most of us will turn to other so-called healthier alternatives
that are nearly as bad.

Here are 3 of the WORST Breakfast Foods to start your day

1. Muffins

Who doesn’t love a Muffin.
Easy to prepare just open a packet and you are good to go.
But did you know that bought giant muffin could contain over
600 calories and the big downside is it contains
NO protein or healthy fats to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Just think you would be better off eating a McDonald’s Egg Mcmuffin

with a fruit n yogurt parfait with granola that comes in at 460 calories
and we all know that that’s not going to help us feel great for the rest of the day.







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